Topics in Geometric Analysis II (Fall2022)

EDMA Doctoral Program (Fall2022)  MATH-731

Topics in Geometric Analysis II

The doctoral school course Topics in Geometric Analysis II  will take the form of a reading seminar this fall. Participant are welcome (and expected) to suggest topics related to geometry or geometric analysis, typical subject can be on metric geometry, convex geometry, integral geometry, quasi-conformal maps, Lp-invariant of manifolds (such as Lp cohomology) etc.

Note that the subject of Geometric Analysis often refers to hard analysis (Sobolev Spaces, PDEs...) applied to geometric problems, in this seminar we also, and perhaps mainly, think about soft analysis.

The seminar will take places on Tuesday, 16h15-18h  at EPFL room MAA112 (but the schedule can be changed if it is inconvenient for the audience).

Due  to family reasons on my side, the seminar on September 20 is cancelled.

Next talk :

Tuesday Sept. 27,  4:15 pm : Marc Troyanov :  "Integral Geometry and Valuation, the Hadwiger Theorem.

We will also discuss the seminar's plan this Tuesday .

Tuesday October 4,  4:15 pm : Hadwiger's Theorem : Applications


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