Hydrological regimes

Hydrologic regimes / monthly river flows

Switzerland shows different climate regimes and a high number of hydrological regimes. The hydrologic regimes are described in the hydrological atlas.

NEW: Jérôme Dujardin (CRYOS, EPFL) shares his code that uses the above data to estimate monthly river flows and hydrological regimes at any location within Switzerland, see zip file.

NEW 2: A new raster data set (state-of-the-art) on monthly flows (same format as above) can be obtained from the WSL (contact person: Massimiliano Zappa). Information on the data set (in German), here.

Important: the above data sets come with some explanation, partly not in English. At the best of my understanding

Climatic regimes

I am not aware of a good resource on the climatic regimes in Switzerland. The terminology and climate division that is used by the Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF is explained here,