Swiss hydrological data

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This wiki has been set-up by Bettina Schaefli  (contact) to collect information on data available for hydrological research in Switzerland. The information is collected for research purposes for Swiss and international researchers (with some specific information for EPFL and UNIL colleagues).

The general entry point for hydrological data in Switzerland is the hydrological data portal, of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN or BAFU in German).

Attention: their river information system GEWISS has been integrated into (see here).

Another important general resource is the Swiss hydrological atlas (for available data to download in form of text files, see here the printed version).

The entry point for hydrologic information about Switzerland for the general public is the Swiss Water Portal.

This listing is not complete, information is given as far as known by the author and selected according to her experience (comments and additional information very welcome!).

Please contact Bettina Schaefli (link above) if you would like to add a resource.

Currently available pages are:

Discharge data from neighbouring countries:

Meteo data from neighbouring countries:

(last modification 02 Sept 2020; creation: 13 may 2015, sorry for wrong links, data providers keep on changing their webpages)