Student Branch Congress Madrid





Win a trip to Madrid

The IEEE Student Branch is looking for a motivated person to be an active member of our committee next year and represent the branch at the Europen Student Branch Congress in Madrid, 25-29 July, 2012.


Win an all expenses paid trip to Madrid!

Here's How:

  1. Join IEEE
  2. Register with the EPFL Student Branch here.
  3. Mention the keyword SBCMadrid in the comments while registering.
    Deadline: 22 May, 2012.
  4. Prepare a motivation letter (maximum 2 pages) which shows us that you can be a helpfull member for the branch. The letter may include ideas about:
    • your vision of the IEEE Student Branch
    • new ideas about events that the branch can organize
    • how to improve the visibility of our activities
  5. Wait for an email from us about instructions on how to submit the letter.
  6. Prepare a presentation including the ideas from the letter.
  7. Get ready to present and hopefully to fly to Madrid.


Some Details:

  1. Check the details about SBC program here:
  2. The IEEE will sponsor registeration, accomodation, meals and travel.
  3. If selected by the EPFL Student Branch, you will have to commit to serve as a an active member of the Student Branch committee for next year, starting September 2012.
  4. The previous committee members will help during the first moths of transition and guide you.

Feel free to contact us at: