The Experimental Methods in Engineering Mechanics course is intended to give an advanced view of experimental methods used to study mechanics problems by way of example. Students will construct significant components of experimental apparatus and collect & interpret the resulting data.


Typically three experimental modules will be used that draw techniques from analog electronics and image processing in order to probe the mechanics of several different problems, including contact mechanics and elasticity.

About this wiki: all contributions to this wiki are to be used for educational, non-commercial purposes only. Credit to external sources is provided when available.

The syllabus


Writing is an essential part of this class. Presentation of clear figures and captions goes a long way toward conveying information efficiently. I attach here a document on figure captions for a completely unrelated experiment that summarizes how to include the `essential' information in a figure caption.

The format should follow the Physical Review Letters format, with excercises and wiki contributions provided as an appendix. The format is quite clear, and explained in the presentation from day 1, available here. Other resources include the `authors' document from PRL, available here, and an additional resource available here.

Laboratory activities (main)

The lab exercises and many relevant resources are available at the main lab activities page, located here.