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EPO Worldwide Patent Statistical Database (also known as EPO PATSTAT) has been specifically developed for use by government/intergovernmental organisations and academic institutions. Distribution is restricted, and commercial use is not foreseen.

If you belong to an organisation entitled to purchase this product or to join this forum, you can contact EPO directly.

The database is constructed with a relational structure, containing 15 different tables (see physical model). The compressed raw data is around 10 Gb (distributed in 3 DVDs) and once uploaded to a database engine it can rise up to 100Gb (including indexes).

At CEMI we dedicated a special computer exclusevely to this and other patent databases that has the following specification:

- Intel Xeon
- 2.00 GHz
- 3.00 Gb of RAM
- 2 x HD SCSI 15000 rpm


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