You'll find here some information regarding our QuPath Workshop.


QuPath Introductory talk , P. Bankhead

April 17th, SV1717, 10:15.



QuPath Practical Sessions

P. Bankhead, O.Burri, R.Guiet, A.Seitz

April 17th and 18th.


Registration  CLOSED

Fixed fees of CHF 100.- will be applied for externals from EPFL.

You’ll need a computer, with QuPath already installed (and starting on it).
Please contact us before the workshop if you have issue with the installation procedure.
Drawing region within the software may be easier using a mouse


You can find some documentation about QuPath on the main page  or on c4science .


Preliminary Program

QuPath Practical : Basics

April 17th, CO120, 13:00 to 17:00.

Creating Project - Importing Images - White Balance - Estimate stain vectors - Creating Annotations & Detections (Visualisation tools.)


QuPath Practical : Advanced

April 18th, CO120, 9:00 to 17:00.

TMA analysis – SuperPixels - Machine learning - Scripting