Procedure for avoiding a measles epidemic on the campus

Version française : Informations pratiques pour la campagne de vaccination contre la rougeole


Several measles epidemics have hit the campus in recent years, disrupteding the studies and social life of our students.

We take the disease very seriously as this virus is five or six times more contagious than seasonal flu and is particularly likely to spread rapidly in a place of study: one single person who is contagious before the symptoms appear can place everyone in an auditorium at risk !


Please check your vaccination booklet before coming to the campus!

Since this disease is not benign for a population of young adults, the public health service of the canton of Vaud requires that all persons exposed to the virus and not protected against measles be placed in quarantine. This can mean an absence from courses for a period of up to 21 days.


Information in the vaccination booklet

Vaccination (two injections at an interval of at least one month) is strongly recommended if you have not already had the disease. It not only protects you, but also prevents you from contaminating persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons (infants, pregnant women or those with immune deficiency). List of contraindications.

We are thus doing our utmost to prevent an outbreak of measles by offering free vaccination on the campus as from the start of the new academic year.


Free vaccination at the Health Point on the campus

Appointments and information:

Tel. 021 693 20 20 –

Those persons who are particularly vulnerable or concerned can also obtain some initial information at the Health Point.

For more information "Questions and more about measles"

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