The Spectral Graph Wavelets Toolbox
The Spectral Graph Wavelets Toolbox
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Welcome to the Spectral Graph Wavelet Transform (SGWT) toolbox page.

This site contains a brief description of the Spectral Graph Wavelets, as well as the MATLAB toolbox implementing the SGWT.

Details of the SGWT are in the paper

"Wavelets on Graphs via Spectral Graph Theory"

David Hammond, Pierre Vandergheynst, Remi Gribonval,

Applied Computational and Harmonic Analysis 2010 :

A version of the paper is also available on arxiv :

If you have any questions about the SGWT or the toolbox, please contact David Hammond (


Dowload the MATLAB toolbox :

(1.00) - (original release)

(1.01) - (bugfix with order of scales) 

(1.02) - (added tight frame constructions and ensured octave compatibility)