Hotel and food expenses will be reimbursed for and during THE CONFERENCE DAYS only as well as the night before and /or after, if considered as being necessary for the conference. Consequently, only the meal the night before and breakfast the morning after will be reimbursed as part of the conference :

- Breakfast, lunch & dinner (breakfast if not included in the hotel), but not coffees, drinks or other sundry items purchased inbetween. Drinks or snacks taken from your hotel room minibar will not be reimbursed. The maximum amount for lunch/dinner should not exceed 25 CHF. N.b. original receipts must be presented for reimbursement. Tips, if not included in the bill, should not exceed 2 CHF per person.

- In exceptional cases only, e.g. loss of a receipt, a fixed price refund of 25 CHF per main meal may be requested.

- Public transport to and from the airport, and to and from the conference venue, where necessary. Taxis need to be justified, e.g. late arrival, early departure, group transport, etc, but shouldn't be taken systematically, especially for individual use. The hotel shuttle service is a viable option.

- Single or shared room in a *** hotel, and the night before or/and after depending on travel requirements. The original invoice is to be presented upon return. Any extra nights used for personal vacation are to be deducted from the hotel bill or paid separately.

- Keep all your original receipts for meals, transport etc which you pay for during the conference.