Assignments (PDF)

1. Assignment #1: Week 1
Research the history of media devices from the 19th Century or earlier. Select an example, describe it and find analogies with its modern-day equivalent (1 page)
Due: Week 3, with in-class presentation week 3 (10%)


2. Assignment #2: Week 2

Reflect on your experiences of the Seti exhibition from the perspectives of aura and authenticity. Describe the juxtaposition of the real and virtual – is it meaningful? What does scale have to do with the experience? How could the overall experience be improved? How could the facsimile be improved? (1 page)
Due: Week 4, with in-class presentation week 4 (10%)


3. Assignment #3: Week 6
Written design document of chosen project (suggested content PDF).
Due: Week 12 with in-class presentation on Weeks 7 & 8 (50%)


4. Assignment #4: Week 14
Practical demonstrator (Unity for HMD)
Due: Week 14 with in-class presentation on week 14.