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Here you can find some open code related to our research. Enjoy the code, participate to improve it, contact us if you find any bugs!

IMPORTANT: these codes are intended ONLY for scientific or academic purposes. For any other usage, please contact: devis.tuia [at]


ALTOOLBOX :: MATLAB Active Learning Toolbox for Remote Sensing Image Classification

This toolbox groups many AL techniqes (in particular those reviewed in the 2011 JSTSP paper). It is implemented in matlab, also thanks to the TORCH 3 machine learning library. [Code]


Semi-supervised Manifold Alignment :: MATLAB code for SSMA method in "Semisupervised Manifold Alignment of Multimodal Remote Sensing Images", in press in IEEE TGRS [Code, paper].


Feature learning for remote sensing :: MATLAB code for the active set method in "Automatic feature learning for spatio-spectral image classification with sparse SVM", IEEE TGRS, 2014 [Code, paper].


Optimal transport toolbox :: PYTHON code for class-regularized optimal transport used in "Domain adaptation with regularized optimal transport", ECML PKDD 2014 [Code, Paper].