Group Action in Number Theory

 Group Actions in Number Theory: Ergodic and Analytic Methods
1 January- 30 june 2011, Centre Interfacultaire Bernoulli, EPF Lausanne
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There is a calendar of all GANT activities as well as a list of participants with dates of stay.
A new page collects references, slides, lecture notes and other documents related to the recently completed Winter School.
Program Overview
The goal of this semester will be to investigate various important problems in number theory which have been successfully approached using the existence of some group action. 
 Among the many topics that are likely to be covered during this semester are
- Distribution properties of orbits on homogeneous spaces: ergodic methods
- Automorphic periods, L-functions and allied analytical problems.
- Prehomogeneous vector spaces and their relationships with number fields.
- Approximate group theory; applications to affine linear sieve and to the above problems
The semester will bring together a mix of junior and senior researchers in these rather diverse fields, in order to help disseminate knowledge of the variety of techniques involved, and to discuss recent progress and communicate new results. We would like to put an emphasis on the exchange of ideas and on the identification of new approaches obtained by combining the existing techniques.
Program Activities
Most of the activities will take place at the Bernoulli Center (CIB), at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). See here for the calendar of all GANT activities
Weekly seminars as well as mini-courses will be organized during the course of the semester.
Bernoulli lectures
Once every month (starting in march) some participant to the program will be invited to give a colloquium lecture at the mathematics department
Conferences and workshop
In addition, the CIB will host two conferences:

In addition, each year, the number theory groups of EPFL and ETHZ organize their Number Theory Days (NTD) alternatively in Lausanne and Zurich. The 2011 Number Theory Days will take place in the spring in Lausanne, and it is expected that part of this program will be closely related to the GANT semester.

Participating in the program
Some ressources are available for people interested in participating the program for medium to long periods.
To be considered please fill the following Application form.
Important Notice: depending on the applicant nationality, it may take up 3 to 4 months to obtain a valid swiss working permit; the applicant should therefore take this delay into account when giving his prefered period of visit. Each case being specific, it is advised to contact Christiane De Paola for more precise information.
For any questions regarding the program, please contact Philippe Michel , or Emmanuel Kowalski or Christiane De Paola (Head of staff of the CIB)


Scientific and Organizing Committee
Emmanuel Kowalski, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Philippe Michel, EPF Lausanne, Switzerland


The organization of this special semester is made possible through grants from the Swiss National Fund, and the European Research Council (Advanced Research Grant n. 228304