How can I create a repository?

How can I delete a repository?

How can I rename a repository?

Is there a a disk quota?

Access rights

I cannot access a repository, why?

I don't see a repository on the "My repositories" page, why?

Can you give me access to a repository?

I gave access to somebody but it is not working, why?

Can I add someone external (guest) to a repository?

Can I limit my repository access?

I've left EPFL, can I keep an access to my repositories?

After allowing anonymous clone I cannot push to the repository anymore, why?


How can I import an existing folder into my repository?

How can I import an existing git repository?

 Can I exclude specific file types from my repository?

Using git

What are the main git commands?

Can I store my password for the command line?

Can you recommend a GUI client?

Is my repository data backuped?

Can I access my repository through SSH?

Can I also host my repository at other providers?

Can I set email notifications for commits?


I have another question about the service, who can I contact?