Spatial data on catchment characteristics

Attention: SwissTopo has recently changed its coordinate system (see here, migration to be finished by 2016). The resources below might use the old system (6 digits) or the new system (7 digits).

This page lists spatial data that is more or less static, for spatial meteo data, see dedicated page.

Swiss hydrological atlas:

All spatial data of Switzerland (wide range of topics):

Swiss catchments:

The hydrological atlas also contains a database of small subcatchments, as xls file or as shape file (here). These older delimitation comes with some hydrological catchment characteristics, e.g. the slope or the amount of impervious area (see explanation in the corresponding atlas page, pdf).

Swiss river regime types:

Other spatial data for Switzerland:

There is currently a beta-version of direct geo data distribution to all members of the ETHZ domain, see here.