Subversion - Help


How can I create a new repository?

How can I delete a repository?

Who can use the service?

Is there a disk quota?

Access rights

I cannot access a repository, why?

Can I limit my repository access?

Can you give me access to a repository?

Can I give an external person access to my repository?

I've left EPFL, can I keep an access to my repositories?

Import / Export

How can I migrate to git?

How can I export (dump) my repository?

How can I import an existing folder into my repository?

I have an existing repository, can I import it?

Can I exclude specific file types from my repository?

Using Subversion

What are the main subversion commands?

Can you recommend an SVN client to use on Windows?

Subversion is storing my password in clear text, what can I do?

Is my repository data backuped?


I have another question about the service, who can I contact?