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Last update: 12.10.2012


This document is provided to help collaborators understand which computing and infrastructure resources are provided and supported by IC-IT, and the best practices on how to access and use them.

There will soon be a "leaving guide" explaining what you should pay attention to the day you decide to leave the EPFL, especially regarding the research data that you might want to keep safe or transmit to the colleagues who will carry on the good work.

For a more general discussion about working at EPFL, don't miss the staff portal, in particular the "just joined EPFL" section.


Some information in this document may not reflect the actual situation, but it describes the way it should and will be sooner or later. Newcomers should follow these directions, while old-timers will be gently migrated in a -- hopefully ! -- near future.


As an employee of the EPFL, or a visiting guest, you should have been accredited by the administration, and hence, own the following official information, among others:

  • e-mail address
  • username
  • user identifier (UID)
  • group identifier (GID)

This information, which will allow you to smoothly and securely access your lab's and the school's computing resources, can be found at, after a quick lookup with your own name. Under "Administration", clic "Show data" to see them.

The password for this username is synchronized with your global Gaspar password, which can be managed under

This information must also be used to configure a local user account on your workstation, even though it is locally managed, in order to facilitate access to the school's resources from it. As this local account is not synchronized with Gaspar, you can setup a different password.

Everything you want to know about accreditation.

For problems or questions regarding the accreditation, please contact the lab's administrative staff (refer to the "Contacts" section below).


For any question regarding the following sections, please contact your IT staff (refer to the "Contacts" section below).

At your desk

Your office is equipped with the standard assets -- chair, desk, bulb --, and a phone. For any matter relating to these, please contact your administrative staff.

In your office, a network plug is already configured to wirely connect your workstation, be it a desktop or a laptop.

It uses DHCP only. No fixed IP addresses are allowed for personal workstations.

More information regarding network connectivity can be found under

On the road

Wi-Fi is available throughout the whole EPFL. For details about wireless connectivity, have a look at

A VPN client is also available when working from outside the EPFL network. Details under

More information regarding network connectivity can be found under

Storage resources

There are several places where you can write your files, each with their advantages and disadvantages:

your workstation's harddisk: close to you, relatively small space, no automatic backup (by default), only with ad'hoc solution (TimeMachine, etc.)

  • the faculty's storage servers:
  • EPFL central storage servers: 

The school's storage spaces, ie. all but your workstation harddisk, can be accessed using various protocols -- generally NFS (aka NFSv3), NFSv4 and CIFS --, depending on each specific storage configuration.

They all rely in some way on your Gaspar username, and sometimes requires explicit authentication with your Gaspar password.

List of storage resources.

Other facilities

Other facilities are provided to you by the faculty's IT group or centrally by the DIT. Most of them are described here:

To get support, please use the contact specified for each service.

Some SVN repositories are not hosted on the SVN facility linked above. If the SVN repository name you are using begin with and not, please contact your IT staff (questions about access, password, etc.).


There are available printers everywhere in the EPFL.

The documentation of installation is available on myPrint.

Need help?

To report a technical problem, contact the HelpDesk using either way listed under (or see below).

You can also send an email to "". This will automatically open a ticket in the central HelpDesk system, and assign it to your IT staff.

Important: these are the only way to ensure that someone will take care of your problem or request. Personal emails or phone calls, may end up unresponded, or misrouted.

Still, in case of an emergency, you can try to reach one of your IT personal by phone (see below).

For open questions, or if you need to meet your IT personal for a general discussion, do not hesitate to get in touch with your IT staff.



Please contact Mrs. Natascha Fontana

Phone: +4121 693 7511
Office: BC 170

Technical / IT


To report a problem or request a feature, send an email to

Research Projects & Specialities

In case of emergency requiring direct phone contact, see the IC-IT Team page.