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An introductory studio to contemporary design thinking+making with/in the context of digital

technologies. Namely, thinking design as an optimal-seeking evolutionary process rather than

an act of reverse engineering of an ideal mental impression. Foundation concepts of generative

and parametric methodologies for exploratory and predictive design information modeling. A

tool-chain and a work flow for rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing technologies.


As a challenge we will take on the classic architectural problem of high density living. A fascinating

topic which will bring us immediately heads on to the limits of human cognitive capacity for 

information processing experienced through architectural scale = mass / volume. An opportunity

to remind ourselves and rejoice with the marvels of the Modern and pick up on the now dated

"Think Big" thematic in the light of its methodological and implementation shortcomings. Finally,

a chance to grasp the opportunity to transpose the most current social debate for an economy

and an ecology of human and environmental resources within the context of built space.


Design Challenge

Retain Architectural Sensibility in Multiple Scales


Social Context

Design Performance of Human & Environmental Resources in Built Space


Experiment Configuration

The Transforming Role of Housing by Information Technologies



Digital Media: Beyond the Culture of Bespoke



Course Direction

Stylianos Dritsas


Teaching Assistance

Tina Baumgartner 



Baumgartner Tina

Coto Chavarria Esteban

Feihl Nicolas

Gfeller Ann-Madlen

Hartwell Michael

Jucker Louis

Meredith Adrian Llewelyn

Schmid Thierry

Semmler Patricia

Stauffacher Matteo

Te Kloese Danny

Fanost Antoine

Friedrich Anna

Pellerin Olivier

Van den Hof Paul



Week 01: 

Introductions: Who is Who

Presentation: Studio Thematic

Presentation: Personal Work

Survey: Studio Technical Comfort Levels


Personal Discussions: Inspirations / Aspirations

Presentation: Form & Language

Tutorial: Free-Form Geometry

Assignment: Research in Form Families


Readings: Plato's Republic vs. Darwin's Origin of Species


 Week 02:

Pin up Review: Research Work, Show and Tell

Presentation: Parametric Design Technologies

Tutorial: Introduction to Grasshopper


Assignment: Formal Languages in Action

Discussion: Field Trip?


Readings: Books Managed by TA


Week 03:

Pin up Review: Research Revision 1

Pin up Review: Design Exercise

Presentation: Environmental Analysis using Ecotect

Presentation: Site Introduction + Support Material


Personal Discussion: Wrapping Up / Thoughts Ahead

Assignment: Research Revision 2

Assignment: Design Exercise Revision 1

Assignment: Site Analysis 


Readings: London Material in Wiki Folders


Week 04:

Show & Tell: Design Exercise Review

Comments: Mark up & Suggestions

Pin up Review: Site Analytics

Presentation: Information Visualization

Presentation: Analog & Digital Tectonic

Assignment: Research Revision 3 + Design Exercise Revision 2

Assignment: Site Analysis Revision 1

Assignment: Forming a Program


Readings: Guidelines in Wiki Folders + Links below


Notional vs. Tolerable

Republic, Plato. [LIB:005004539] (personal copy available in library)

Charles Darwin, On The Origin of Species. [LIB:005762430] (personal copy available in library)


Design as Process

Peter G. Rowe, Design Thinking [LIB:000398073] 

Christopher Alexander, Notes on the Synthesis of Form [LIB:004571001]

Peter Eisenman, Diagram, Diaries [LIB:002044173]


René Descartes, Discours de la Méthode [LIB:004011916] (not sure of edition)

W. W. Rouse Ball, A Short Account of the History of Mathematics [LIB:002286490]


House of the Future

Donald A. Norman, The Invisible Computer [LIB:004180612]

Peter G. Rowe, Modernity and Housing [LIB:000936635] (to confirm)

Edward T. Hall. The Hidden Dimension. [LIB:004353449] 


Context Information

City of London - Housing 

Mayor of London - Housing

Market Analysis of Housing in London

Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment

English Heritage

Ordnance Survey

Google Map of Site

St. Alphage Wikipedia

Neighbourhood Statistics

City of London - Planning

Sustainable Homes - London

Strategic Views - London


Economy / Ecology

Mitchell Joachim, Ecotransology, Integrated Design for Urban Mobility

Wiedmann T. and Minx J., A Definition of ‘Carbon Footprint’

Crompton A. and Wilson A., Sustainable Tall Buildings – Fact or Fiction?

EEA Report, Urban sprawl in Europe: The ignored challenge

European Commission, Energy Efficiency in Buildings

European Commission, Energy and Transport

Sustainability Appraisal of the Draft Further Alterations to the London Plan

Energy Consumption in the United Kingdom

Urban Climate Concepts


Digital / Physical

Rocha, João, Architecture Theory, 1960-1980: Emergence of a Computational Perspective

Pottmann et.al, Architectural Geometry [ISBN:193449304X]

Aranda, B. and Lasch, C., Pamphlet Architecture 27: Tooling [ISBN:1568985479]

Branko Kolarevic, Architecture in the Digital Age [LIB:004573452]

Shelden, D., Digital Surface Representation and the Constructibility of Gehry's Architecture


Scale and Number

Bill Hillier and Julienne Hanson, The Social Logic of Space [LIB:001426460]

Bill Hillier, Space is the Machine: A Configurational Theory of Architecture [LIB:001527054]

Reisberg Daniel. Cognition: Exploring the Science of the Mind [LIB:005090479]

Nieder A. and Dehaene S., Representation of Number in the Brain

Dehaene S. et.al, Arithmetic and the Brain

Sutton J. and Shettleworth S., Internal Sense of Direction and Landmark Use in Pigeons

Stuart Card, Augmented Large Scale Cognition









Pdf Merge - http://www.pdfsam.org/

Ecotect Environment Analysis - 

Energy Plus - Google Sketch Up - Open Studio - http://www.aia.org/practicing/AIAB079836