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16.12.2010 ! Suivre ce processus si le serveur de licence ne fonctionne pas

08.09.2009 ! ProE WildFire 4 - New license server [  stilic4  ] Read this page for further informations.

10.09.2009 ! Free student license for home ! Read this page on the PTC website for the howTo.

Click here to download the quick reference guide for ProeWildfire 3.

This site contains information on the installation and configuration of Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/MECHANICA on the EPFL site and at the IPR in particular.
It serves to render the software and related ressources available to students and employees of EPFL, for further information and help you will need to contact Parametric Technologies directly.

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Pro/ENGINEER - New license server
Pro/ENGINEER Installation : the basics for the installation of ProE
Pro/ENGINEER Configuration : more information about the configuration
Pro/ENGINEER Documentation : some documenation
Troubleshooting Pro/ENGINEER : known problems
Using libraries at home : how to install the libraries on your own PC

Please note that these pages are primarily for EPFL internal use. The acess to certain links is restricted, and the license covers only educational use on the EPFL site.

The responsible person for Pro/ENGINEER installation at EPFL is Ali Djelassi (tel. 36884, or email @