GIF Fitting Toolbox

The content of this web page is associated with the publication:


Automated high-throughput characterization of single neurons by means of simplified spiking neuron models

C. Pozzorini*, S. Mensi*, O. Hagens, R. Naud, C. Koch and W. Gerstner, PLOS Computational Biology 2015

* equal contribution


More tools to fit neuron models to data are avialable on github:


Click here to download the Python code as well as some current-clamp recordings acquired by O. Hagens from an L5 Pyr neuron of the mouse somatosensory cortex. The data have been collected according to the following experimental protocol (further details on the experimental methods can be found in the original manuscript).



The folder GIF_Toolbox contains two folders:


The folder Code contains several .py files. The file explains how the code can be used to fit a GIF model to the experimental data in Data. To run the code, open a terminal and type:




During the first execution, some files will be compiled (ignore the warnings).


To write a new script, follow this simple 4-step procedure:



The mathematical details of the computational methods implemented in the code are provided in the original manuscript (Pozzorini et al. 2015). For questions or remarks, you can write an email to: