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This Tutorial describes how to use the software: JULIDE.exe

This software permits to reconstruct 3D brains using autoradiograms of mouse brain sections (2DG images). These images require a recalibration that will convert a grey value into the corresponding concentration of radioactive isotopes.

This software also permits to register brains to a reference one. Because of the important size and shape variability through individuals this process involves a long time computation.
Next step of this software is to create 3D volumes representing different experimental groups (for example, learning group, control group...). A group is defined by the number of individuals and by the means and the variance of the voxels intensity.
The final step is statistically compares (student t-test) two groups of individuals. The output of this step is a 3D image (mean of experimental group 1) with an overlapping image representing regions where experimental group 1 is statistically superior to experimental group 2.