Simple totally disconnected groups

Structure of simple totally disconnected groups


Working seminar of the chair EGG

« [...] it seems that all the problems concerning the structure of locally compact groups have been completely solved. »
Hidehiko Yamabe (1951)


Paul Klee, Fischzauber, 1925 The aim of this working seminar is to get a better understanding of the structure of locally compact groups. The main focus will be on the simple totally disconnected groups, via the recent articles by Caprace, Reid and Willis about the locally normal subgroups of the latter, but it will also be the opportunity to learn some exciting maths related to that topic.



For more information or comments about the notes, feel free to contact Thibaut Dumont or Maxime Gheysens.




Talks are at 13:00, except if explicitly stated otherwise. Monday talks are in room MA A1 12, Thursday talks are in room MA A3 31.

  1. Monday 17 March 2014, Outline of the seminar (Maxime Gheysens)
  2. Thursday 3 April 2014, Hilbert's Fifth Problem and its solutions (Thibaut Dumont)
  3. Monday 14 April 2014, Van Dantzig's theorem and around (Maxime Gheysens)
  4. Monday 28 April 2014, Locally normal subgroups and the structure lattice (Waltraud Lederle)
  5. Thursday 8 May 2014, Quasi-centre and quasi-centralisers (Thibault Pillon)
  6. Monday 19 May 2014, Global and local C-stabilities (Maxime Gheysens)
  7. Monday 26 May 2014, Local C-stability of St.d. groups I (Waltraud Lederle)
  8. Thursday 12 June 2014, Local C-stability of St.d. groups II (Peter Schlicht)